Travel Tips : How to book your flight ticket online with Air Asia?

Booking with Air Asia
Budget airlines like Air Asia are good and reliable airlines to fly with and making an online booking yourself might be cheaper as via a agent. But .... be careful, most airlines have a habit of trying to sell you a bit more as only the cheap ticket.

At 5 June 2015 I made a test booking online with Air Asia and noted what they are trying to sell you while you are booking your cheap flight. In the end there are 8 extra's that they will try to sell to you and some of them you will have to remove / cancel yourself because standard they will be included. Mind you, this might change in the future! Be aware when flying with Air Asia domestic in Thailand : No free baggage and no free inflight meals or drinks. But sometimes the cheapest price! For my review of online booking with Air Asia I started HERE but just follow me step-by-step :

First Step
1. Choose your type of flight (Return / One-way / Multi)
2. Choose you place + date of origin  and destination
3. Choose number of adults and kids
4. Choose currency (think about currency exchange-rate)
5. Hit "Search"

Second step
1. Choose Departure / Return Date + time
2. Choose Departure / Return Fare (Low / Premium Flex)
    *If you choose Low fare then they will try to sell you a upgrade ---> Cancel
3. Hit "Continue" (you will be asked to login or continue as guest)

Third Step
1. Fill in guests details
2. Hit "Continue"
Fourth Step
Now it begins ... asking for Departure / Return payment for
1. Check-in baggage ---> No thanks (2 times) = No check-in baggage!!!
2. In-flight meal (starting at 90 THB)
3. Seat selection (starting at 75 THB)
4. Inflight comfort (starting at 300 THB)
5. Insurance ----> No Thanks (2 times)
6. Hit "Continue"

Remark: If I fly a 50min flight for 1 day in Bangkok I do not need check-in baggage, a meal/drink, inflight comfort or insurance. And I actually never make a seat selection. But that all could be different for you.

Fifth Step
1. Ask if you want car rental
2. Hit 'Continue"

Last Step
1. Fill in contact details
2. Payment ... be aware that some payment methods  cost money
     *Internet banking is free
     *Credit card or Debit card can costs money ... like MasterCard would cost you 192 THB
     *Counter payment will cost money
     *E-Gift voucher cost money

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