How to book your flight ticket online with Kan Air?

Booking with Kan Airlines
Budget airlines like Kan Air are good and reliable airlines to fly with and making an online booking yourself might be cheaper as via a agent. But .... be careful, most airlines have a habit of trying to sell you a bit more as only the cheap ticket.

So at 6 June 2015 I made a test booking online with Kan Air and noted what they are trying to sell you while you are booking your cheap flight. Mind you, this might change in the future!

Kan Air : Even with Promo fare 15kg free check-in baggage. But limited payment options. And no seat selection (if you like that). But free inflight meal/drinks.

For Kan Air I started HERE but just follow me step-by-step

First Step
1. Choose Round-trip / One-way
2. Choose Departure / Arrival place + date
3. Number of Adults / Children / Infants
4. Hit "Find flight"

Second Step
1. Choose Day + Fare (Promo / Save / Flexi)
2. Hit "Continue"

Third Step
1. Optional login for members
2. Fill in Passengers details
3. Fill in Contact details
4. Hit "Book now"
5. Hit "Continue to book"

Fourth Step
1. Choose Credit-Card for payment (Master Card / Visa Card / JCB)
There seems to be no charge for payment (but not much choice also)

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