How to book your flight ticket online with Nok Air?

Booking with Nok Air

Budget airlines like Nok Air are good and reliable airlines to fly with and making an online booking yourself might be cheaper as via a agent. But .... be careful, most airlines have a habit of trying to sell you a bit more as only the cheap ticket.

So at 6 June 2015 I made a test booking online with Nok Air and noted what they are trying to sell you while you are booking your cheap flight. They will try to sell 3 extra things. Mind you, this might change in the future!

For Nok Air I started HERE buy just follow me step-by-step

First Step
1. Choose type (Round trip / One way)
2. Choose From  / To
3. Choose Departure / Return date
4. Choose number of Adults / Children and currency
5. If you have a promo code fill it in
6. Hit "Search"

Second Step
1. Choose Departure / Return Date / Time and Fare (Promotion, Nok Eco or Nok Flexi)
2. Hit "Continue"

Third Step
Here they will try to sell you some extra's
1. De-select "Nok Premium" (seat selection from 240 THB)
2. De-select "Nok Sure" (insurance from 150 THB)
3. De-select "Nok extra Baggage" (standard is 15kg, extra starts at 5kg for 175 THB)
4. Passengers information
5. Contact information
6. Select payment : Credit-Card (70 THB) / Counter + ATM (30 THB) / Direct Debit SCB (free)
7. Hit "Book now"

When I fly a 50min flight to Bangkok for 1 day I do not need Premium seat, Nok Sure or extra baggage. But that could all be different for you.

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