Travel Tips : Dengue Fever

July 2015 Although I have never been a believer of the huge danger of dengue fever (or malaria for that matter) in Thailand. Why? Because the symptoms can easily be something else and most times it is only called "Dengue Fever" on basis of symptoms (no blood test).

But a friend of us living in Chonburi (Thailand) has been recently diagnoses with dengue fever. Although as far as I know also only on symptoms. But the symptoms were so clearly and strong that even I (and I am not a doctor) would say "dengue fever". Our friend did get sick and at first thought "little bit not well" and took some home medication. But after a few days the high fever did not go away and our friend was hospitalized (and still is now).  Here was quickly thought of dengue fever and our friend was getting supportive management.  Mind you, server cases of dengue fever can be fatal. Especially without the correct supportive management.

Our friend thought to have been infected with it while on a few days holiday tour in Chantaburi, but due the incubation time I would say it could as well have happened at home (upcountry in Chonburi, Thailand).

Conclusion : Dengue fever is still alive in Thailand!

For more information and how to help prevent it see ....
Wikipedia Dengu Fever
CDC Dengue
Dengue testing

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