Coming home 2 days early

View over Chiang Mai, Thailand

At June 2015 I was again on a tour of duty that started in Bangkok and would bring me to Kanchanaburi, Ayuthaya, Sukhothai and Chiang Mai. And I loved it! It was great meeting old friends from when I came living in Thailand in 2000. And it was great going to places I had not been at least 8 or 10 years. And it was great meeting many new friends that I had met via internet. It promised to be a wonderful tour.

But the first evening in Chiang Mai I made a little walk over the night-market and after that I walked in direction of my hotel. As it was a bit far I hailed for a tuk-tuk and stepped in .... that is where something went wrong. I slipped? No booze involved, I do not know but as end-result I was on the floor in pain of my leg left that I could not move anymore. In short .... an ambulance brought me to Chiang Mai RAM Hospital where I was hospitalized and diagnosed with "total tear of the quadricep muscle". That means a surgery .... could be done in Chiang Mai but I did choose to do it in Bangkok. So with a brace on my fully stretched leg I went in a mini-van to Bangkok where I was admitted in the hospital for 3 days and had my surgery.

Now I am back home .... 2 days early as planned and immobile for the next 6 to 8 weeks! Life not always goes as planned. Thank you my friends in Chiang Mai who were so kind to support and help me while I was in hospital.  And again thanks to the lovely nurses at Samitivej Hospital in Bangkok for the great care and smiles. And of course thanks to my lovely wife who was again beside my bed 24hr/day.

Update 1 year later
First again thanks to the physiotherapy girls at Khon Kaen Ram Hospital for helping me learning how to use my leg again. And for learning me walking again. The surgery was successful and I can bent my knee again, although not for the full angle (as with a normal healthy knee). I can walk again without crutches or any walking-aid. I am starting to have more power in my knee. But I can still not walk up a stairs using my left knee. And I can still not run or climb. I have the idea that my knees are both not fixed enough. But with exercise I think that will still improve.

Update 3 years later
Since about a year I can walk up "lazy" stairs again, going down is still weird. My left leg is still smaller as my other leg. I still have to do daily exercise to keep the muscles fit and smooth.

Update 5 years later
My left leg is still different as the right leg, walking stairs down is still a bit weird. But since 1 year there is much more power in the left leg.

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