Flight MH370 ... So what ever happened with that MH370 plane part?

On Saturday 8 March 2014 flight MH370 (Malaysian Airlines) from Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) to Beijing (China) was "lost in thin air". Until end July 2015 not a single piece of the airplane and it's 227 passengers and 12 crew members have been found.

But on 29 July 2015 a piece of a flaperon from a Boeing 777 was found on the island of Reunion. Everybody was exited, it had to be a part of MH370. This news was all over the media all over the world. The part was transported to a special investigation center in France and specialist from Malaysian Airlines and Boeing were send to French. Soon the family of the people missing would have some more information. Soon we would all know what this part is. Soon .... became days, became a week. And then finally the PM of Malaysia announced that "the part found was confirmed to be a part of MH370". But later we hear conflicting information from Boeing specialist .... "it is very likely to be a part of MH370". Did the PM of Malaysia (again) speak to much and wrong?

The New York Magazine did write a good piece about it (although they also link to other very unlikely gossip style ideas). Have a look at New York Magazine What ever happened to decommissioned Boeing 777's, what ever happened to spare-parts for Boeing 777's? I myself find it weird .... first it is world news and suddenly it is forgotten again. So what really happened in that special investigation center in France?

Update 4 September 2015
French investigators confirm that the flapron found on Reunion belonged to the Boeing 777 from flight MH370. See CNN News

Update November 2018
The mystery of Flight MH370 seems forgotten by international new but still somewhere ......

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