Restaurants & Reviews at Wongnai

Via via I was made attention of a app about restaurants & reviews in Thailand. So I installed it on my phone. They have an app for both Android as iPhone. And of course they also have a web-site. Both the app's and the webs-site are targeted for people who can read Thai although you can also switch to English. But of course all the reviews and most information is still in Thai.

At first I thought they would only cover Bangkok and other big cities in Thailand, but they actually cover almost all Thailand. And not only the chain restaurants like MK Suki or whatever. But also the small family style restaurants. Like in my home town Khon Kaen I did see they cover some nice small and difficult to find restaurants that otherwise you would not go to. So I am actually impressed.

The only down-side is for non-Thai readers it is a bit difficult to use. You switch to English and want to select a place name? Too bad the list of place names is still in Thai. Another thing is that the map not really works correct. If I seach for restaurant nearby my house I see 5 restaurants nearby. If I search for restaurants in my home town I see only restaurants in the city center. If I browse in the map I do not see any restaurants in the map anymore. So please WongNai .... fix those things! Besides some minor problems still highly recommended! See Wongmai English

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