Numbers and other Statistics 2015

I started this blog in June 2009 as a message to my family & friends and to my own surprise it did changed into a blog about living & traveling in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia with travel-information and Hotel / Restaurant Reviews. For all other postings about statistics have a look HERE.

Currently there are 1042 postings made, that means an average of  180 postings per year in the past 6 years. Overall the most popular post are still about motorbikes trips. But over the last year other postings are gaining more views so that you could say that within the top 10 posts over last year are 50% posts about traveling.

Currently there are about 210 reviews of Hotels & Guesthouses, that are about 35 more as last year. And there about 178 reviews of Restaurants, that are about 50 (!) more as last year.

Within the audience reading this web-site is a growing number of people from China, although the most are still from Thailand and USA. Most people find this web-site via a Google search. And most people reading this web-site are still using a desk-top computer instead of a phone or tab.

Some part of the postings even became an all new web-site. All the postings about motorbike shops became Big Bike Shop Index Thailand and all the hotel & restaurant reviews became Hotel & Restaurant Reviews in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

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