Dutch Cookie's in Thailand

Photo from their FB page
When I started living in Thailand about 16 years ago there was hardly any western food to get outside Bangkok. Let alone Dutch food or cookie's. One of the famous Dutch cookies are "Stroopwafels" (Caramel Waffle), original from the town of Gouda in the Netherlands.

Awhile ago there was a shop in Bangkok (B4 Bakery) that did make them. And you could even order them and they would be send all over Thailand by EMS. And a few months ago upto my surprise I saw them for sale at an Amazon Coffee Shop. Made my "Mr. Waffle". And last week my wife told me that even in Khon Kaen we can now buy stroopwafels (by order). So I asked my wife to order 2 packs of 10 "Dutch Cookie".

And I must say ..... for me personal this kind of Dutch Cookies are not real Stroopwafels. It are nice cookies but not like Gouda Stroopwafels". They taste different. Actually I have the idea that it are stroopwafels from a different area of the Netherlands and made with margarine instead of real butter. And with a bit different kind of caramel. Not my kind of stroopwafels .... what is good otherwise I would have eaten the 2 packs already. But my wife likes them. I think the "Dutch Cookies" sold in Khon Kaen come actually from a company in Chiang Mai and can be ordered there.

Facebook : Cookie Dutch Original

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