To plastic or to glass that is the question

I think most people would agree that we should do something to stop the pollution of our environment. I think that “we” starts with ourselves … with small or bigger things. So what am I  doing to help to stop the pollution of our environment? This is not to talk about all things that are wrong & bad, but about the things you and me can do ourselves.I am living in a country where the water from the tap is not drinkable or at least not healthy (too much chlorine). So how do I get my drinking water?

Big water jars? So I started to use a big 15l or 20l water jars, but I found out that the jar was not always clean. So I stopped with that. Not to mention that the keeping-water-cold machines get dirty and need to be cleaned once & while.

Filtering + cleaning? I think we (house hold of 2 persons) do not use enough drinking-water to use our own machine to filter + clean the water. Here in Thailand there are water vending machines where the water is filtered + cleaned, but it is not nearby our house so that makes no sense to go there for water (a 2-km ride one-way).

Buying bottle of drinking water? That is what we do now …. plastic bottles. Now the plastic from the bottles itself is recycled. We separate the plastic bottles from the rest of our garbage and it is used for recycling. But there is packing that goes into the garbage. Bloody hell there is a lot of packing left over after we come back from shopping but that is another story.

So would it be better to buy drinking water in bottles or glass? The glass bottles are delivered in reusable packing and the bottles can be cleaned and re-used. Good? Well I have my doubts. It means that a car will be coming to our house and pickup the bottles. The bottles will be cleaned somewhere. How? Chemicals? And how many times glass bottles can be re-used?

So how do you get your drinking water? And are glass bottles really better for our environment?