Travel Tips : 10 Travel Tips about Thailand

1. To visa or not to visa
People from 48 countries are allowed to enter Thailand without a visa and they will get a 30-day Visa-free entry when arriving by air (overland crossings are a bit different). If you are not a passport holder of 1 of these 48 countries or if you would like to stay longer as 30 days you will need a visa. Some of these passport holders can get a "Visa On Arrival" at the airport. Please check at MFA of Thailand

2. What kind of cloths to pack?
Thailand is a tropical climate so take light casual cloths with you. On the beach a short, singlet & flip-flops are great but of the beach a bit more polite dressing would be nice. If you intend to do a lot of walking take some good shoes with you (not new). And do not worry too much ... you can buy almost anything in Thailand.

3. Money
The local currency in Thailand is the Thai baht. But take some cash US$ dollars with you for in case of emergency. And take you credit-card with you for in case of emergency and to pay in the better hotels. But also take your ATM card with you to withdraw money from ATM's (they are everywhere). When arriving at the airport get some Thai baht. Before leaving to Thailand check if you can use your credit/ATM card in Thailand and what the costs are.

4. Communication
In Thailand is a good telephone network and most telephones (with non-Thai sim-card) can be used. Although it will not be cheap. If you stay longer and intend to use your telephone a lot (for calls or internet) then it might be a better idea to get a local sim-card. There are 3 major providers AIS, Dtac and True. I would advice to use AIS. But all of them have pre-paid sim-cards for both calls as internet. Internet will work almost everywhere and is reasonable fast & good.

5. Safety
Thailand is as safe as any other country as long as you stay on your guards. Do not do things you would not do at home.

6. Road Safety
Roads & Traffic in Thailand might be very different as where you come from. Thailand is in the top-5 of deaths on the roads of the world.

7. Transport
Do not travel at night with a bus, mini-van or taxi! Actually do not travel with a mini-van for long distances unless it is your private driver. If you are not a experienced motorbike rider DO NOT rent a scooter or motorbike. If you ride a motorbike / scooter always use a helmet, strong shoes and always wear good cloths.

8. Traveling within Thailand
You can fly or take the bus / train from almost any big city to another big city. Flying is not expensive. But traveling by train give you a great chance to meet & see the local way of life.

9. Accommodation
There are almost everywhere hotels and hotels can be cheap (but simple) with a choice from simple Guesthouses to upscale Resorts. Forget camping, unless you like to stay in the jungle at a mountain.

10. Provinces less traveled
My favorite parts of Thailand are North-East, North Thailand and the area of Chantaburi with Nan and Loei province being my favourite.