A few days up north in Thung Chang

Siam Garen Bungalows in Thung Chang, Nan - Thailand

We did travel a few days to Nan province and we did stay again at Siam Garden Bungalow. The small resort is located along the mountains in eastern part of North-Thailand, in a area less travelled. Dao and Marco, the owners of the resort live here already more as 10 years and know everything about the area. And it is a great area for hiking, bicycling, off-road motorbiking and motorbike riding in the mountains where are many small hill-tribe villages (Mon, Lua and Khamu). The next few days would be a trip into cultures, history and nature. We loved it! In the early morning with did visit the Huay Khon (Huai Kon) international border-crossing between Thailand and Laos where on Saturday is a border market. If you have been to markets in Thailand the market itself might not be so interesting (besides for the people shopping there) but the trip to the border area was stunning beautiful in the early morning. For more information about the beautiful Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan, North Thailand.

Thru the clouds to the Thai-Lao border
Sun breaking thru the clouds
Remake of the battlefield of the 1970's and 1980's
After the visiting the border-market we did visit "Huai Kon War Memorial". In the 1970's and 1980's this area was a "communist stronghold" (or just people who did not agree with the government in those days) and the Thai government did send army battalions from Chonburi province to "free the north of Thailand". Here is a small museum, a memorial and a remake of a part of the battlefield.

In the afternoon we tried to visit another (abandoned) border-market but unfortunately the road to it can not be done without a 4WD-car (and forget about going there in the raining season). So we made a u-turn and took another road that ends up at a view-point at 625m above sea-level from where you have a stunning view of the valley of Thung Chang.

The good part of the road to the abandoned border-market

View over the valley of Thung Chang
Great area for hiking and off-road bicycling

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