On the motorbike to Khon Kaen to Dan Sai

Motorbike Riding in Thailand

It had been awhile ago that I made a long motorbike trip and last week I finally had the time and reason to make a 10 days trip to Nan province. So the early morning started with a boring 90-km trip on route 12 to Chumpae. Boring and unpleasant as the road is used by many potential suicide candidates on scooters and with cars. My first stop is always at the PTT gasoline station 2-km after Chumpae. I always have a kind of small breakfast here from the 7/11. From there I took route 201 to Wang Saphung. Along this 100-km route you are passing the beautiful karsten mountains with Phu Man National Park (with many caves) and the famous Phu Kradung. Just before Wang Saphung is another PTT gasoline station where I had a drink at the Amazon Coffee Shop. For more motorbike trip reports in Thailand see MOTORBIKE TRIP REPORTS

At Wang Saphung I changed to route 2140 and 3002 that go along the stunning Phu Luang mountain range. This 50-km short-cut ends-up at route 21 before Phu Ruea. I followed route 21 until Phu Ruea where I had a lunch stop at .... yes another PTT gasoline station. Well behind the parking is a nice restaurant where you can sit, relax, eat and have a great view over the valley of Phu Ruea. Another favourite spot of mine.

Sunset view from my room at "Mountain Green Resort" in Dan Sai
From Phu Ruea I followed route 21 and route 2013 to Dan Sai where I did stay overnight at "Green Mountain Resort". Simple rooms but a stunning sunset view over the valley of Dan Sai. And next door is a good restaurant. After a good night sleep I would leave the next day very early for the back roads along the Thai-Lao border to Nan province. But that is day 2.

Sunset over Dan Sai seen from "Sabaai Restaurant"

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