Living in Thailand ... same same but sometimes different

I am now living in Thailand for more as 15 years and living here seems to become normal, same like living in Europe before. Same same but different .....

In Europe I had central heating in my house and once a year someone would come along and clean it. Here I have air-condition in my bed-room and also once a year someone comes along and totally dismantels the indoor-unit and cleans it. But ... the air-condition has also filters and they need to been cleaned once in the 4-6 weeks. Easy to do yourself. But not forget it!

My central heating in Europe also had hot-water for shower etc.. Here I have a electric water-heater in the bathroom. Almost the same ... only in the cold season it is not strong enough to really make the water warm (and I like a hot shower). Besides that ... due to the not always same water-pressure the water is sometimes warm and sometimes not warm.

Currently is is cold in North-East Thailand ... well it is at night 10℃ with wind. But for a country where it is normally never under the 20℃ and in day-time 36℃, this is cold. And now we experience that our house is totally not build to keep the cold out. Our bedroom is just as cold as outside, even with all windows closed. And we also realise that we also do not have so much warm cloths. Well at least we have some as we sometimes go to Europe, but most people simply do not have much warm cloths. Another different thing now in the cold weather is the cars have air-condition only, nothing to warm the interior of the car. And switching off the air-condition also cuts-off the air supply in the car so after 10 min you want to open the windows.

In Europe we have a good and reliable public water-system that delivers clean drinking water (that we also use to wash our car or water the garden). In my old house 15-km out of town there was no public water-system so we had our own water well. Where I live now there is a public water-system, but due to the low water-presure and unreliable water-supply every house has a water-pump and a water-tank of about 1500 liter.

And that water is not always clean ... sometimes there is a bit of sand in it. So there is a sentiment of sand in the water-tank. So once a year I clean the water-tank. But ... of course that sand also gets into the washing machine. So once every 2 years we also have to clean the washing machine ... inside! Because the water is not always clean (or it has too much chlorine) we do not drink this water. So we have to buy our drinking water in bottles. But after 15 years you think all those things are normal and I would be in trouble when living in Europe again.

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