Theme Park Tourisme in Thailand

The Verona, Thap Lan
Last week I was visiting Bo Klua in North Thailand. A area bordering with Laos and thought of as one of the last frontiers of Thailand. Well that was until last year. I had not been here for about a year and I was not pleasant surprised about the changes that domestic tourism had brought to this little village once forgotten by time.

Just north of town are 2 new resorts in trendy style, in town are 2 new coffee shops and some new souvenirs shops. In town are also 2 new hotels / guesthouses and south of town is a new camping ground and a new trendy hotel (in European style). And 2 other resorts have expanded with new bungalows and even a 2-floor main building. Yes, Bo Klua is on the domestic tourism map! And it is a bit sad because it might be heading to situations like Pai, Chiang Khan, Phu Thap Boek, Khao Kho, Khao Yai and Wang Nam Kieuw. Where overdevelopment of resorts & restaurants have changed the place. And not for the better.

Theme Park Tourism in Thailand? Nature, Animals, history, old culture, European culture, Hill tribes but all within reach from a comfortable car, modern hotel, wifi, coffee shop and restaurants. And that all packed in a trendy form with colours and  European designs from Italy, Holland or Swiss. And number one activity is making a trail of selfies from one theme park to the other theme park. The Verona created between Thap Lan National Park and Khao Yai National Park is a good example of a theme park for domestic tourism. European style looking buildings with shops and restaurants. Build between the beautiful mountains and destroying nature.

The river-side street in Chiang Khan is also a good example of a theme park for domestic tourism. Almost all of the house are now hotels, guesthouses, souvenir shops and restaurants. New houses are being build in old style. In the early morning there are more tourists making merit (by giving food to monks) as local people. Many hotels, shops and restaurants are owned & managed by people that are not from Chiang Khan. I think the river-side street has turned into a kind of Chiang Khan that never was.

BTW .... maybe I did not express me clearly .... but visiting this kind of places can still be enjoyable and a great experience. Like Chiang Khan where the river-side street is turned into a theme park tourist attraction ... it is still a nice place to visit and I would recommend people to go there.