Kafka in Thailand

Due to reasons of signal I want to move from my mobile telephone provider Dtac to AIS. As in Thailand there is a law of "Number Portability" it should be possible to keep using my old telephone number from Dtac when I move to AIS. That all worked smooth when my wife did moved from Dtac to AIS last year. So I had never thought of the following (almost never ending) story ......

8 April at AIS & Dtac shop : I go to AIS to apply for Number Portability from Dtac to AIS. I am accepted and given a new sim-card. Now I have to go to Dtac to tell them that I want to move out. The lady checks all and says it is fine. So the all process is started. I will have to wait until I get a SMS from AIS that I can switch sim-card. This should take 3 - 6 working days.

8 April SMS from AIS : About 3 hours after applying I receive a SMS that the porting of my number is in process and that I will have to wait for a next SMS.

Until now it did go all to plan. As 8 April was a Friday and Saturday / Sunday are not working days (except if you want to buy something) I was not expecting anything in the weekend.

9 April telephone call from Dtac : Dtac lady asks 'Why I want to move to AIS". Well due to no signal. The lady from Dtac tells something about investigating the signal problem and I think she did put the process on hold. Not something I asked for, so I told her I did that already and want to move to AIS.

11 April SMS from Dtac : I receive a SMS that I can change to a new promotion with 10GB data.

I think "WTF! I want to move out, not a new promotion!". So at 11 April I start a FB message conversation with Dtac service center. As I not get any reaction from them I call Dtac Call Center.

11 April telephone call with Dtact : Dtac Call Center tells me that the process is still in progress and should be done before 21 April (due to long holidays). Not really happy but OK.

11 April FB conversation with Dtac : I receive a FB message "Your number porting request was rejected"

WTF! As I am now a bit angry I call Dtac call center to ask what is happening? Is it now Rejected or in progress? 

11 April Dtac Call Center tells : Yes it is rejected but we do not know why .... eh .... wait .... there is something wrong here. I will call you back in 20min.

11 April Dtac Call Center 20-min later : No it is not rejected but there is something wrong and you have to call AIS to ask them to re-send the application.

11 April SMS from Dtac : Please call AIS Call Center
So I call AIS Call Center.

11 April AIS Call Center : The application is not rejected and is still in progress. No, as long as the application is in progress we cannot re-send the application. No, we cannot cancel the application.

So hoping for the best (but bloody angry) I just let it go and hope it will be solved before 20 April. I can always just cancel my Dtac and get a new number from AIS, right?

Then in the evening something starts to happen ........

11 April SMS from AIS : "Your number porting have been rejected due to having a contract".

What? I do not have a pending contract with Dtac! As we were at Central Plaza it was easy to go to Dtac and ask what is happening. So we did go to Dtac again.

11 April at Dtac shop : Service lady "Yes it has been rejected. We do not know why. There is nothing wrong. You do not have any contract. You do not have any open balance. You should be able to port. No it is no problem that you still have to pay this month. Just go to AIS and ask for new porting".

So I ask  the lady to write me a letter that all is OK, what she did. And we did go to AIS again.

11 April at AIS shop : Service man "OK yes the request was rejected. So you have to apply for a new request".

So I applied for a new request and was given a new sim-card again. So the current status at 12 April is that the first application is finished and that there should be a new Number Porting Request in progress. I say "should" because I did not yet receive any SMS from AIS that the request is in progress. I will keep you updated of this Kafka story in Thailand.

12 April SMS from AIS : Your number porting is in progress
Well that at least means my second request for number porting has been accepted. Due to Thai New Year and the weekend I assume that it will take until 18 or 19 April until I will maybe get a final SMS from AIS. Accepted or rejected that is the question.

18 April SMS from Dtac : I receive a SMS that I can change to a new promotion with 10GB data.

18 April telephone call from Dtac : Dtac lady asks 'Why I want to move to AIS". My wife tells her why and that I really want to move to AIS.

18 April telephone call from AIS : AIS lady tells that the Number Porting will be done within 4 days.

18 April SMS from AIS : Starting from tomorrow 7:00 you can use your new AIS sim-card

19 April SMS from AIS : You can start using your new sim-card


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