Travel Tips : Nan Nakhon Airport in Nan town

Nan Nakhon Airport (NNT) in Nan - Thailand
Nan Nakhon Airport (NNT) in Nan - Thailand

Nan airport called Nan Nakhon Airport (IATA code = NNT) is located on the north side of Nan city. You can fly from here to Don Muang Airport (DMK) in Bangkok and to Chiang Mai (CNX) airport. Served by Nok Air, Air Asia and Kan Air. It is a small, boutique like airport with an almost brand new terminal building build in 2014. When entering the airport by private car, be aware that the airport is shared with the Thai Airforce and you might end-up at the Airforce buildings. For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan province, North Thailand.

At the terminal are 3 car-rental companies (Avis, Kan Car Rental and Thai Rent A Car) and 2 taxi-transport companies. Of course there are ATM's and some small souvenirs shops, as well a small convince store (no 7/11 yet). Behind the taxi-stands is an coffee shop.

There is free parking right next to the airport. For departure you will have to walk about 70m over the platform. But you will be offered an umbrella against the sun. I loved the simple and friendly way of this airport. Everything is short distance so everything goes quick & easy.

Since a few days they have installed an second X-Ray scanner for the check-in luggage. Unfortunately there is no electricity at that place so the machine is not working yet. They als installed an second X-Ray scanner to enter the departure gates. But also this one is not yet used.

This airport terminal was build in 2014 and until now with only 2 airlines flying daily it is working very well. But not much space of opportunities to expand with at the moment (2017) only 2 extra check-in counters available.

Transport offerend at arrival
Departure gate

Air Asia

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