Visiting Wat Nong Bua

Murals at the Wat Nong Bua - Nan Thailand

Wat Nong Bua located at Ban Nong Bua a few km from Tha Wang Pha in Nan province, North Thailand. Located between the beautiful rice fields with mountains nearby, the temple was build around 1860 during the reign of King Rama V by Tai Lue people (who came to Nan from Southern China around 1800). Inside the temple are wall murals that are probably made about 100 years ago. Because it is a bit off the beaten track there are almost no tourists coming here. You are allowed to make photos inside but without flash .... unfortunately the lens of my camera is not good enough for this limited light (and I had no stand with me). For more information about the beautiful Nan province in North Thailand see Destination Travel Guide Nan - Thailand.

Wat Nong Bua - Nan Thailand

Wat Nong Bua

Wat Nong Bua - Nan Thailand
Inside the the temple

Wat Nong Bua - Nan Thailand

Old musicians at Wat Nong Bua - Nan Thailand
Old & Wise man

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