Welcome to Thailand .... or not?

So we moved from Khon Kaen province to Nan province about 1 month ago. I love it here in the mountains. But .....

Due to inter-regional bank costs I wanted to open a new bank account. Inter-regional bank costs? Well every time I use the ATM with my account from Khon Kaen I pay 20 - 30 THB transaction fee. In the now 16 years living here I have openend at least a dozen bank account and never had any real problem. So I walkin into Siam Commercial Bank.

Bank : "You need work permit"
Me : "No, read your own rules"
Bank : "O .... you are right, not need work permit"
Bank : "But we need pasport, adres, etc. etc. etc. etc."
Me : "You need to know when I go toilet?"
Bank : "And HQ in BKK have to approve"
Bank : "You have already bank account with us? You can have only 1 bank account"
Me : "But Thai can have 100 bank accounts!"

As you understand I walked out and went to another bank .... Kasikorn / KBank. The conversation was like-wise with the exception that the lady was so clever to have me talk to the customer center from Bangkok.

This was one of those moments that I thought "If I would not have a family here I would leave this country right now and never ever return". Luckily a good friend helped me out and I went to another bank where I could open a bank account without any problems. Efficient and friendly. Thanks Kas.

Luckily my negative feelings are more as compensated by the people living in our village. They are so welcoming, so friendly! When we had a problem in our new house , someone was there to help. They bring us fruit from the mountains. They bring us food and help us to settle in the village. We needed a gas-bottle for cooking ... 10 min later someone came by (with a gas-bottle) to sale us a gas-bottle. We needed to move some heavy furniture ... 10 min later some people came help us. A lovely community! As community they will have to support each other .... because nobody else is going to do it. Yes, this is the Thailand I did fall in love with about 20 years ago.

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