Living in a small village along the Nan River

As I mentioned before we moved to a small village in Nan province in North Thailand. And I loved it! But it is a bit weird village. Why? Well as I said it is a small village but not so small. About 200 houses. But there is no daily fresh market. There is only 1 home that functions as shop for meat and vegetables. And the meat is fresh because the shop owner has a pig farm and they kill a pig once a week. And there is only 1 small super-market. And there are 2 small noodle shops. No other restaurants or shops in or nearby the village. No shops means also no bank and no ATM. Now as everybody is riding motorbikes or has farming tools with engines there are 3 small shops for motorbike repairs. And the village has no garbage pickup, so no garbage trash can's along the road. You have to bring your own garbage to a garbage dump about 2km out of the village.

In North-East Thailand, the Isaan, in almost every village someone would sell BBQ Chicken (Kai Yang) but not here. Actually I only see that in Nan city. Not in any other villages here.

And although there are 2 public water systems in the village, both do not function good. So everybody is using water from a private well. But ... only about 1 out of 4 houses has a well, so every well is used by 3 or 4 houses. Just like we do. And once a month the electric company comes along and records the meter readings. He then gives all invoices to someone in the village. He goes to pay all invoices and then come to each house to collect the money. What a great service!

The houses in the villages are 50/50 made of cement or traditional wooden Thai houses. And many houses do not have a fence or wall around their land. And almost none have a gate that can be closed. It is village life, everybody walks around and has a chat. Chickens are just as well walking around free. And also dogs. But again weird dogs. In North-East Thailand (Isaan) I am used to dogs that will attack any people passing. No here, no barking, no trying to bite. Great when bicycling in the early morning!

Administrative-wise it is a weird village. In Thailand a village has a number (moo) within the district (tambon). But our village has 2 village numbers. So also 2 village-heads (Pu Yai Baan). And 2 times money from the national government!

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