The saga of our water in the village part 2

And hopefully this is the last part. At the left you see the Hitachi sales team ... and no they did not come to re-install the Hitachi deep water-well pump.

As said our water in our house comes (or I should say came) from a private well in the garden opposite of our house. This well is not good build and our water would be dirty after rain.

The landlord came and decided to move the pump to another well. In the garden from a few houses behind us. There is always clean water.

This is an old well, between 50 and 70 years old (depending on who you ask). It is not made of cement rings but with small bricks. And about 15m deep and about 1.20m diameter. Imagine the people building that well!

The first part was easy, take the pump + pipe (12m long) from the old well, move it to the other well. Oops ... that does not work. Well I am not a pump specialist but i had my ideas and started to look on internet. To prime the pump one should pour water in the pump ... and pipes. You see 2 pipes are going in the well.... one going down to help the water coming up. Guess what .... they did re-install the pipes the other way around. It took me some time to convince people to take the pipe out and check .... and yes! Wrong connected. After that it was a piece of cake to make the pump work. Then about 35m of water-pipe to our house and about 35m of electric wire to our house. All together an all day work (not for me but for our landlord).

The great thing is that all kind of people in the village came to help ... in the end also someone who is a pump specialist and without him I would not have been able to convince the other people to check the pipes. It is a fantastic village to be living!

All is fine now and we have super clean water! Bloody cold also!

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