The saga of our water in the village part 1

So we live now for about 3 months in our new house in a small mountain village in Nan province, North Thailand. And I love it! Of course before we started to rent the house I had asked about the water connection of the house. No, problem there is a private water-well. OK, fine.

And the first month it was all fine, nice clean water from the taps. But then the raining season did start and the water became a bit muddy. So we started to look where our water is actually coming from. The private water-well is in the garden in a house opposite of us. And 2 other houses are also using it. We did also find out that we have 2 taps in the garden that are connected to an public water system from the village but it is not always working. And we also found out that we also have an connection to the house from another public water system from the village. So we switched to that .... oops also muddy.

So I had water-filters installed ... simple ones. So called "Big Blue in-line water filters". They clean a little bit but it is still muddy. But well the rain stopped so I did forget about it again. And luckily we have next to our house a "Public Water Dispenser" with a deep-water well and good filters. We use that water for cooking.

Then it started to rain again and again and again. So no clean water. So I thought "Let's try the public water again". And to my surprise it was clean. Happy, problem fixed. No of course not. After 1 week also that water was muddy again.

So I was starting to think logical (big mistake). Water from private water-well = muddy. Also other people use it and do not try to fix it. Public water from the village = muddy. Nobody complains so it must be normal and only good filters can fix this. So I was planning to buy a good filter system.

Was .... until this morning when my wife was taking water from the water dispenser and the neighbours behind ask why. "Well for taking a shower". Now it seems that my neighbours behind and left of me have perfectly clean water from another private water-well. And they explain .... "Village water comes from the Nan River and the filters are not good. And our water well is wrong build and had always problems but the owners do not want to spend money on it". That all makes sense in Thailand.

Hopefully the solution will be coming soon ....... to connect our house to the water well from the neighbours.

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