Travel Tips : The tropical beach island Koh Samet

Hat Sai Keauw on Koh Samet - Thailand
Hat Sai Keauw on Koh Samet - Thailand

Koh Samet is about 3 hrs drive from Suvarnabhumi Airport and a 25 min ferry ride from Ban Phe to the main pier at Na Dan village. There are also speedboats going to any of the beaches. The name of the island has 2 parts and each part is written a bit different sometimes ... the first part can be "Ko" or "Koh" and the second part can be "Samet" or "Samed". And technically it is all Ban Phe in Rayong. And the island is a National Park for what non-Thai have the privilege to pay 200 Thai baht entrance fee (5 times the price as for Thai people). Normally this fee is included in the speedboat transfer to any of the beaches that are after the entrance gate (just after the village near the main pier).

Na Dan Village
This is a small village near the main pier. There are a few Restaurants, Pubs, Shops, 2 7/11's, Coffee Shops, a Medical Clinic, Police station and at least 5 ATM's. From here you can take a Songteauw (taxi) to any of the beaches. I had once a drink & cake at "Jump Coffee" (with air-condition) on the small alley leading to "Hat Sai Kaeuw". And I did eat 2 times at "Buddies Bar & Grill" at the "Hat Sai Keauw".

The island has basically 1 road that goes along the north and east side of the island. The road is in reasonable condition (at the moment of August 2016) but there are some steep hills in it. The island is only 7 km long and 3 km wide. There are for rent Electric Golf cars, Scooters and Bicycles. Be aware that none of them have any insurance. And when damaged you will probably pay at least the double of the real costs.

There are many beaches, have a look HEREBut my favourite beach is "Ao Wong Duan" although "Hat Sai Kaeuw" is also a nice beach (but a bit busy).

There are many hotels in all price range, from simple Guesthouses to luxury resorts. See 2 older reviews of hotels Samed Cabana Resort and Ton Sak Resort.

Almost not existence anymore and it closes early (midnight) but there are some pubs in the village Na Dan and along the beach of "Hat Sai Kaeuw".

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