Travel Tips : The famous boat races in Nan 2016

Boat Racing in Nan - Thailand

Today we saw a boat practicing for the famous Nan boat races that are held in September. This photo was taken in Nan city, but I have seen already boats near other places also. Be there! For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan province, North Thailand.

Boat Race Schedule Nan Province 2016
This year 11 boat races instead of 10 as on 23 October there is one special boat race with old boats.
  1. Tha Wang Pa : 3 - 4 September 
  2. Grand Opening in Nan : 17 - 18 September 
  3. Nan : 24 September 
  4. Nan : 25 September 
  5. Wiang Sa : 1 - 2 October 
  6. The Wang Pa : 8 - 9 October 
  7. Wiang Sa : 15 - 16 October 
  8. The Wang Pa : 17 October 
  9. Nan : 23 October 
  10. Pua : 24 October 
  11. Final 28 - 30 October (I assume at the main bridge in Nan city).

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