Living now 4 months in a small village along the Nan River

View over the Nan River in Nan province, North Thailand

We are now a bit more as 4 months living in a small village along the Nan River in Northern Thailand. And we still love it. We have friendly neighbours who are always willing to help us. We made some friends in the village but also in some other villages. We did find some more places to buy our favourite food. And we did find some nice small restaurants. As my wife is from North-East Thailand she was afraid of missing her food. But we found out that there are actually living many people from the North-East in Nan province. Even in our village! And we did find a few good Isaan restaurants / food-stalls. The high water of the Nan River was a bit exciting but a good lesson. Luckily the water stopped about 100m from our house. There are a few small things I did never thought of or did forget.

First of all humidity. So in the raining season there is a very high humidity. Even into the house. In the early morning the all village is surrounded by clouds. Laundry is not going to dry very well. Wardrobes get a bit smelly (better open de doors).

Then the electricity. A little bit of wind and/or rain and there goes the electricity. And besides no light that also means no air-condition and no water.

And the house itself. The biggest room, our bedroom, is at the most inconvenient location of the house in the full sun. That means warm walls and that means that we have to use the air-condition more as I thought. Weird enough we have cheaper electric bills.

Electric bills? Great service of the village. The electricity company comes, reads the meter and makes a bill. Then all the bills go to 1 guy. He pays them and then comes to every house to collect the money.

We are renting this house with the intention to buy some land and build ourselves a house. But finding a nice piece of land is not a easy task. There are some requirements like having a real title-deed (chanot), not too small and not too big, not located in a area that is prone to flooding. But most of all I want view. I want to be able to sit at my verandah and see a sunrise or sunset (or both). I want to be able to see a few km's far. And that all within out budget.

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