On the motorbike in North Thailand : First day from Nan to Lampang

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
View point near Khun Sathan National Park in Nan - Thailand

Motorbike trip 2016. I am just back from a 6 days solo motorbike trip in North Thailand. First day was 327 km, starting at 7:00am in Nan and ending about 16:00 near the entrance of Chae Sorn National Park in Lampang province (bordering with Chiang Mai province). See also A-Giant-Tree-on-ridge-of-Mountain. It was a beautiful day and the scenery along the route is stunning. And I have been passing a variety of roads, highways, small mountain roads, roads under construction (103). And I did go to the top of Khun Sathan National Park where from about 1600m high you have a stunning view over Nan Noi valley. The route : Route 101 to Wiang Sai - Route 1026 to Na Noi - Route 1216 to Khun Sathan National Park and beyond - Route 101 to Rong Kwang - Route 103 to Route 1 - Route 1 to Route 1335 - Route 1035 / 1287 / 1252 to Chae Sorn National Park. From Nan to Na Noi is a bit boring part, but once entering route 1216 the scenery becomes beautiful with small villages and hills. Along route 1216 is Khun Sathan NP, it takes a 500m very steep road to get to the view point. But the view is fantastic, said to be good for sunrise and sunset.

After Khun Sathan NP I zig-zaged in direction of Lampang and then in direction of Chae Sorn NP. Route 101, 103 and 1 were again boring and route 103 is under full road-construction. But again when entering route 1335 the scenery gets beautiful again. Route 1 passes a beautiful limestone mountain range and along the road is "Chao Por Pratu Pha Shrine" the honour an ancient warrior from Lampang at one of the mighty big rocks coming out of the earth. Of course there is a market, food and a shrine. And luckily also a toilet.

Spirit houses at "Chao Por Pratu Pha Shrine
When riding on route 1 in direction of Lampang I saw a huge pagoda on a hill. Well yes what else do you with an empty hill? It was a bit difficult to get there as when you are close by you do not see it anymore. The pagoda is next to Wat Chong Khan. I am not religious but I admire the art of the buildings and images.

After this pagoda I did enter route 1335 and ended just before sunset at the entrance of Chae Sorn National Park. As it was a long weekend the few hotels and National Park were full so I did sleep in a tent. And I found a wonderful restaurant annex hotel with good food. That is what I love about traveling in Thailand!

Sunset over Chae Sorn NP
Not really planned like this
My "room"

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