On the motorbike in North Thailand : Day 4 from Mae Salong Nok to Chiang Khong

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
Night view over Mae Salong, North Thailand

Motorbike trip 2016. I am just back from a 6 days solo motorbike trip in North Thailand. Fourth day was 173 km starting at 6:30am in a still foggy and cold Mae Salong Nok and ending at 15:00 a clouded Chiang Khong along the mighty Mekong River. Not a long distance again, but wow what a stunning beautiful part of North Thailand!I started first with exploring the local area of Mae Salong Nok. And the I went along narrow and steep roads to the Thai-Burmese border, passing the famous Doi Thung Royal Villa and Mae Fah Luang Garden. Then to follow the Thai-Burmese border (within a few meters) and visit a Thai Military base where I was almost being the guest of a VIP Thai travel group (a lot of body-guards walking around). After that riding thru Mae Sai, the gate-way to Burma / Myanmar (international border crossing). Then riding to the infamous Golden Triangle and following the Mekong River until it flows into Laos. The latter was a side-trip to the point where the Mekong River stops being a border between Laos and Thailand (death-end road). I ended the day in Chiang Khong, another gate-way to Laos since 2013 with a bridge crossing the Mekong River (international border crossing to Luang Prabang). And in the evening I enjoyed good food along my good friend the Mekong River. Anther great day in North Thailand.

The Route : Route 1130 to Mae Sai - Route 1138 to Doi Thung - Route 1149 to Mai Sai (right along the Thai Burmese border) - Route 1 and Route 1290 to Chiang Khong.

View point at Mae Salong Nok
Maha Santakhiri Pagoda
View over Mae Salong Nok

Thai Military base along the Thai Burmese border

Overlooking the fog over Burma

Mae Sai valley 
Favourite on the road snack
My good old friend the Mekong River
Along the Mekong River in Chiang Khong
View from my room in Chiang Khong