On the motorbike in North Thailand : Day 5 from Chiang Khong to Chiang Kham

Motorbike Riding in Thailand
The Mekong River between North Thailand and Laos

Reposting from 2016. I am just back from a 6 days solo motorbike trip in North Thailand. Fifth day was 185 km starting at 7:00am in a still clouded Chiang Khong and ending at a clouded and cold Chiang Kham. The Route : Route 1020 south out of town - Route 1155 / 4029 / 1093 to Phu Chi Fa - Route 1093 / 4010 / 1021 (under road construction) to Chiang Kham.

After a pleasant breakfast I left a bit late but due to the clouds there was not going to be a nice sunrise anyway. So I first tried to get to the point where the Thai-Lao Friendship bridge is crossing the Mekong River. I did not manage to get there so I continued my trip to Chiang Khong. But along the way I made a side-trip to the place where the Mekong River stops being a border between Thailand en Laos. After that I took the local route to Phu Chi Fa (as close as possible to the Thai-Lao border). Where route 4029 goes into route 1093 there is the Chinese style village "Ban Po" where is a nice restaurant and the road going to Doi Pha Tang with Phra Bong view-point (at a height of about 1600m) overlooking Laos. Then about 20 km further along route 1093 you will be passing Phu Chi Fa. There are many resorts and camping grounds along this route. And a few restaurants.

Following is a serie of photos I took while making my trip along the Mekong River & the Thai-Lao border.

Temple along the Mekong River, Thailand

Temple along the Mekong River, Thailand

Temple along the Mekong River, Thailand

Temple along the Mekong River, Thailand

Temple along the Mekong River, Thailand

Last part of the Mekong River as border in North Thailand 

End of the road along the Mekong River

Lunch stop along route 1093

Tea in the clouds

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