Road condition update : Route 101 in Nan

Route 101 to Huai Kon
7 December 2016 : I am just back from a 1-day trip to an mountain village near Phu Kha in Pua district. Easy trip as it is less as 100km, but some very steep road once on the village. We took route 101 from Nan to Pua and there is still construction work going on at route 101 at a 15km section south of Tha Wang Pha. They started to work again after not doing anything for 2 months. And they say it will be done at 18 Januari ... but what year?

Well never mind that ... the main thing is to be carefully riding that section, especially the part before the bridge over the Nan River. That part is still with a lot of gravel and the smart guys have been putting little bamboo sticks (20cm long) in the gravel to mark where they have to work. Good idea!

Then they also started to work on the 101 just after Pua, a section of about 3km. They are now destroying the once good road (no idea why) and that results in gravel and worse "scratches" over the length of the road. Vey unpleasant riding experience. Not to mention my bike now looks like a off-road bike. Both sections of construction can be avoided by taking some parallel routes.

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