The infamous Golden Triangle at Chiang Saen

Traveling in North Thailand
The Golden Triangle at Chiang Saen

At Chiang Saen district (in Chiang Rai province) is the (in)famous Golden Triangle where the Mekong River for the first time becomes the border between Laos and Thailand. The name Golden Triangle refers to the all area in the 3 countries Burma, Laos and Thailand that was / is famous for its opium production & transport. From Chiang Sean you can see on the left side of the Mekong River Burma (Myanmar) and on the right side Laos, while you are standing in Thailand. And just 200 km north is China.

Update : Everybody always calls this Chiang Sean but actually it is Ban Sob Ruak in Tambon Wiang in Chiang Saen district in Chiang Rai province.

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