A snapshot of Sukhothai Historical Park

An abandoned pagoda in Sukhothai, Thailand

Last week I was in Sukhothai to visit some friends. It must have been about 22 years ago that I was for the first time in Sukhothai and did visit Sukhothai Historical Park. In the years passing I have been many times back in Sukhothai and I did visit many times Sukhothai Historical Park. Of course in the past 22 years not much has changed in the park. For more information see Wikipedia. Most people visit the inner-center of the old city between the city-walls with the most famous and well taken-care temples. But if along the city-walls and even beyond that are many more ancient temples. Most of them are in much less good state of affairs. For me that gives a more "ancient" feeling about how people in the ancient times must have been living here. And almost nobody goes there, so you have the place all for yourself. You will need your own transport. Following photos are from Wat Saphan Hin with a huge standing Buddha on top of a hill and one not mentioned chedi near the Wat Khao Phra Bat Noi.

Climbing up
Take a closer look

Missing parts

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