Living in North Thailand

View over Doi Phu Kha National Park in Nan province, North Thailand

It is March 2017, the Hot & Dry season of Thailand with temperatures of 35-39℃ in the afternoon. And since a few months without any good rain. But in North Thailand this time of the year is also called the Hot & Hazy season. The view is for sure not looking anymore like on this photo. So we are living in Nan province since June last year so this is for us the first time to fully experience the burning season of North Thailand.  So I can not say if it is worse or less worse as normal, as I do not know yet what normal is. But yes it is hazy from dry dust (it has not been raining for a few months) but it is also hazy from burning crops remains etc. In Nan province is a lot of corn farming and from that is a lot of rubbish left-over. And unfortunately the farmers are not learned an alternative for burning (cheap & easy). So what they do? Right .... burning. So instead of just making a law to ban the burning maybe it would make sense to give the farmers an alternative? In my personal experience it is at this moment not as bad as I thought it would be, but until end March there is actually a law banning the burning. So it could start to be worse in April.