Flying with Air Asia again

Air Asia Thailand

A few weeks ago I some unpleasant experiences with Nok Air, so this week when I had to go to Bangkok I did choose Air Asia (from where I am living there are only 2 airlines flying to Bangkok). And it was a pleasant experience. First of all it was cheaper and they fly a bigger yet-engine airplane so it flies a bit more comfortable. And at Don Muang at least this flight did not use the transfer-bus at the platform. So next time I will fly Air Asia again! Actually I did already book my next flights with Air Asia.

Arriving at Don Muang and taking a taxi for the first time I had to wait about 15min. Yes it was busy. And yes only 3 counters (of the 6) were open. But most of all there were not enough taxi's. For the rest it was an comfortable drive to my hotel in Bangkok. That could not be said of the way back to Don Muang.

My first option was the BTS (Skytrain) but there were huge cues at the BTS for getting tickets, for getting in and probably also for getting into the train itself. So I skipped that and walked down to take a taxi. Well first of all there not much taxi's and my point of hailing a taxi was busy. So it took about 20min to get to the highway. But after 500m highway (tollway) we hit a huge traffic jam. What took me again about 20min and then as Max Verstappen to Don Muang Airport. But once leaving the tollway we drive again straight on a huge traffic jam on Don Muang Airport. Well my taxi-driver was smart, bypassed the cue and did drive under the buildings to drop me off. Great ... well except he dropped me off at Building 1 while I had to be at Building 2.

And building 1 (International) was loaded with 1000's of Chinese tourists! You could barley walk! So with a 5min spare time I finally made to the gate of my flight! Next time a bit better time schedule planning.

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