Staying legally in the Land of Smiles 2017 Part 2

This is about staying legally in Thailand. I love living in Thailand, it feels like my home. But although I am now living here more as 15 years, I still not have (and probably never will have) a permanent residence status or Thai passport. So that means that every year I will have to apply for an new "visa". I apply for an "Extension of Stay" (EOS) at the local immigration office of the area where I am living. Originally on base of the fact that I am married to a Thai national. But since I am 50 I can apply for an EOS on base of retirement. This entitles me to stay 1 year in Thailand.

What is an "Extension of Stay"?
Originally I entered Thailand with an Non-Immigrant visa, that permitted me to stay in Thailand until a certain date. Just before that date you go to the immigration office of the area where you are living in Thailand and you apply for an "Extension of Stay". How long you can extend your stay depends on the kind of visa you originally had and for what reason you apply for it.

This Is Thailand, so the fact that I did get my EOS the way I tell does not guaranty that I (or you) will get it in the same way at another day or at another immigration office.

First going to my embassy in Bangkok
Well first of all I need of course a passport that is valid for at least 1 year, because you will get an EOS only for as long as your passport is valid. As my passport was valid for less as 1 year I first had to apply for a new passport at my embassy.

And to change from my old passport to a new passport the immigration office wants a letter from the embassy in where the embassy writes that I did get a new passport. My embassy "gives" that letter automatically. And as I do not have 800.000 Thai baht on my bank account I will need a letter 'Proof of Income" from my embassy. How this did work click HERE.

Changing to a new passport
This a service free of charge. Before I could get a new EOS I needed to transfer everything to my new passport. So first my 90-day report was transferred, then my TM-card and then my old EOS. For this you need a copy of ALL USED pages of your old passport and a copy of your new passport. And of course they needed the letter from the embassy to state that I changed your passport. This all took a bit longer, as they had previously made a mistake in my 90-day reporting and I did lost my proof of initial residence registration in this province.

Applying for a new EOS
This service costs 1.900 Thai baht. First of all you need an application form with 1 pass-photo, the letter "Proof of Income" from your embassy, Form stating that you know the rules for overstay and copy of ALL used pages of your passport. And copy of the ID-card of my wife and phone-numbers of my wife and me. And your need proof of residence. For me that was copy House-book, copy ID-card house owner and copy of my initial residence registration in this province.

Applying for Multi Re-Entry Permit
This service costs 3.800 Thai baht. Again I needed an application form with 1 pass-photo and copy of holder-page passport and copy of the EOS in my passport.

Staying another year
As I am living in a province promoted for slow life it took me all together a few hours to do this. But all staff was friendly and service minded. No problem at all. So I can stay another year again. The new EOS gives me permission to stay for 1 year AFTER the end of the old EOS. So not from the day of application.

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