A weekend to Chiang Mai

Overlooking the Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand
Overlooking the Ping River in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Living in Nan is great but there are some missing points. Like good western restaurants and a good supermarket (that sells good wines). So instead of flying back to Nan my wife did fly back to Chiang Mai (cheaper also) and I did drive to Chiang Mai. It is only 325km and a nice drive via Phrae, Den Chai, Lampang and Lamphun. We stayed in our favourite hotel CHU Hotel, near Nawarat bridge. After lunch we did go shopping at Rim Ping Supermarket. Wow .. what a good selection of food and wine. So we stuffed the car full to take to Nan and had lunch along the Ping River.

On recommendations we went for dinner to "Da Antonio", but they were closed. Luckily they recommend you "Giorgio Ristorante Italiano". And a again a big WOW .... delicious food! After a good dinner it was time to meet some friends and we ended the evening at "White House Pub" along the Ping River, a Thai pub-style restaurant with life Thai music. And the good thing for us oldies is that they play music for oldies.

After breakfast we did drive home, passing the mountains between Lampang and Den Chai (route 11) where it had been raining a little bit. Driving slow seems something alien in Thailand and we did see 3 accidents, of what 2 were pretty serious. So when you are on the road in the mountains adjust your speed as roads could be slippery in the rain and roads are not always good.

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