Staying up-to-date with my home country

While I am living already an considerable time in Thailand I still have some ties with my home country. Besides family and friends that are my passport and my driver-license. So both have to be replaced once & while. I just did get a new passport, so my new passport is valid for 10 years, instead of 5 years like before. So that will have to be done in 2027 again.

But my driver-license is valid until this year (2017), so that will have to be renewed. In the old days this was very easy, now it is a bit more difficult. Luckily the new driver license will be also valid for 10 years. How to get a new driver-license from my home country?

First step "Get Application Form" 🆗
Apply digitally for an application form, that will be send to my family in my home-country. My family will send to it to me in Thailand.

Second step "Get Proof of Address" 🆗
How to get that? Well the immigration office could give me an "Letter of Residence" but that would be in Thai. That would then have to be translated officially, stamped officially, etc. Too much work. Luckily my embassy can give me an "Letter of Residency". And luckily I can do that by mail. This will take about 10 days. What my embassy needs :
  • Complete filled in application form
  • Letter stating what document I need and why 
  • Contact information
  • Copy of holder-page of passport + visa page
  • 1.130 Thai baht (bloody expensive!)
  • Document stating my address, like copy of rental contract or electric bill
  • Envelop with my address and 50 Thai baht in stamps
Third step "Send application form" 🆗
Fill in the application form for extension of my driver license, pay 30 Euro, supply all documents and send it back to my home country. Application form has been received in my home country. They need :
  • Application Form with pass-photo
  • Copy of my passport
  • Proof of address in Thailand
  • Old driver-license. 
Fourth step "Getting my new driver license" 🆗
10 working days after receiving my application they will send my new driver-license to my mail address in my my home country. And they allow they mail to take up-to 3 working days to deliver the new driver-license. So yes it took 13 days after receiving my application to really receive my new driver-license.

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