On the motorbike and when you see cow shit on the road ....

Cow on route 1335 in Nan province, North Thailand

..... expect to see the creators of the shit!

Motorbike trip 2017. I did leave home at 5:45am when it was still not hot to make a "little" day trip with the motor. First to Pua to pickup breakfast at the 7/11 and then to the gasoline station for my hungry motorbike. From Pua via route 1256 to Bo Klua. Along the way I had my breakfast at about 1500m above the sea-level at a viewpoint. And I had a drink stop in Bo Klua, at the friendliest coffee shop in town right along the river. Then continued taking the long way home via route 1081, 1355, 1257 and 1169. A day trip of almost 300km! Oops .... did not plan that! And I did not drink enough also as at home within 1 hour I did drink 2-liter of water. Feel better now! For more information about Nan province see Destination Travel Guide Nan.

Breakfast at 1600m high in Nan - Thailand
Breakfast at 1600m high in Nan - Thailand

Hot choco in Bo Klua, North Thailand