Walking over Sumon Thewarat Road in Nan town

Shophouses Sumon Thewarat Nan

Thanon Sumon Thewarat is the main business street of Nan town with partly recently new shophouses but also with many old wooden shophouses. And of course with many shops selling traditional cloths and silverware. I love the old & slow charm of Nan.

It is the main street of Nan town, with most banks, some restaurants, some hotels and and with many small shophouses. Also a street with some nice old wooden houses. The street begins near the Nan River at the intersection with Saithali road (just south of the main bridge). The first part is less interesting as the road crosses the Suriyapong road and Mahawong road. From there is starts to be a real shopping street, with on the left corner the famous "Sweety 9". The road then continues for about 2.400m, although the last 1.000 is again less interesting. You will be passing the Dhevarja Hotel, Phukha Nanfa Boutique Hotel, Wat Hua Wiang Tai, Huan Gum Restaurant and many small shophouses selling the beautiful traditional northern cloths and Silverware shops. The main street has many small side-streets (soi's) with hidden small restaurants and shops. 

Sumon Thewarat Street in Nan - Thailand

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