Having lunch at Ped Pa Tong Restaurant in Sila Phet

Restaurants in Sila Phet, Thailand
Ped  Pa Tong Restaurant in Sila Phet, Thailand

We were just passing from Pua to Sila Phet and my wife was hungry so we stopped at this small almost hidden restaurant along the road (just 300m from the road to Sila Phet Waterfall). The sign and name suggest that they are specialised in duck and indeed delicious duck! It is really amazing here in Thailand, that small not so good looking restaurants do serve sometimes very good food. And not expensive, even cheap. We had 2 dishes with duck, 1 isaan food dish and one big bottle of coke and the total damage was under the about 325 Thai baht. This is why traveling in Thailand is good!

Information of Ped Pa Tong Restaurant

  • Located right along route 1081, 2 km north of Sila Phet Waterfall
  • Opening hours : 10:00 - 16:00
  • Kitchen : Thai food

Ped  Pa Tong Restaurant in Sila Phet, Thailand