The Rice Field Project Part 4 : Preparing the land

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As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 4. To read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field. We bought the first plot of land in September 2017. The extra plot of land was bought in November 2017. 

Well as our land was rice field we will have to put some sand on it to make the land at least at the same level of the street. But although the land is right along a road, the land actually has no real road access. Weird? No, rice fields have an water irrigation system and between our land and the road is a ditch with a small stream of water. Following are some photos of all the work done.

1. Creating road access

So we have to make something to cross that small stream of water. Actually this is one of the first things we did after buying the land. The old owner of our land has some other land nearby where he wants access also. So we ordered together cement pipes and sand to cover it. First we checked the price at a local cement factory .... 400 Thai baht for 1 piece of 1 meter and 30inch wide. While the old land owner can deliver them for 300 Thai baht. To have a bit easy access to our land I actually wanted 8 meter wide access. But we were told we should actually make maximum 4 meter to prevent problems in the cement pipe. So we settled for 6 meter. The cement pipes were delivered and installed, what is a lot of work. Much more as I thought. The next day some sand was delivered and put over the cement pipes. Costs were : 6 * 300 = 1.800 Thai baht for the cement pipes + 300 Thai baht for installing the pipes and 500 Thai baht for the sand. Total 2.600 Thai baht.

2. Raising the ground leven of our land

As said our land was rice-field and about 40cm lower as the road, so we wanted to add 50cm of land. Later in about 6 to 10 months we might add some more sand. So we informed about the costs of sand. Well there are 2 ways of calculating the costs. First one is when you just order sand per truck. There are big (about 6 kuub) and small trucks (about 3 kuub). Price per kuub is about the same. But the price for this is without moving the sand and making the land flat. And without pressing / driving over the land. So the other way is paying for a project. And that is what we did. And another important thing is the quality of the sand. We ordered a good clay kind of sand without stones. This is middle quality. The best quality for growing flowers or whatever is a bit more expensive. We might order that as top layer later. The first price offer for the project was 42.000 Thai baht for 540 sqm. land filling up with 50cm of land. We will be paying 32.000 Thai baht.

And again it is much more work as I thought. Because the heavy trucks would destroy out cement pipes under the access to the land they first have to create a access to the land. They do that with 2 big tree trunks. They put this into the small ditch and put cheap sand with stones over it. Then the trucks start to bring sand. And a small bulldozer comes to move the sand all over the land. And that is actually a lot of work.

3. Putting a fence round our land

To prevent that as long as the land is empty nobody is going to use it we decided to have a simple not to expensive fence build. First only the road-side part of the land, so about 50% of the border of the land. Excluded the entrance that is about 35m fence. We bought wooden 20 polls of 1.50m long (60 Thai  baht per poll incl. delivery) and 35 bamboo sticks of 8meter long for 15 Thai baht per piece. Included with some nails and labour (half day) this fence did cost about 2.000 Thai baht.

Update : Later we did also put a same kind of fence along the rest of the land

This was the 4th part of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field

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