Staying at Doi Thin Nan Resort

Doi Thin Nan Resort in Nan - Thailand

Since awhile there is a new resort on the outskirts of Nan town called Doi Thin Nan Resort. The word Thin is referring to the Thin hill-tribes that are living in Nan - Thailand. My wife did hear they have a restaurant & coffee shop serving a delicious traditional Thai dessert, so we went for lunch at their restaurant and had a look at their resort. The lunch at their restaurant was indeed good, although they are still in a learning curve as of service. The resort itself is located about 3km out of town with a tropical garden between teak trees. In the tropical garden are hidden away teak-wooden bungalows build in traditional Lanna style, each bungalow with a small private garden. As the resort is a bit out of town they have bicycle so you can explorer the area nearby or go to town. A lovely place to stay if you want to stay in privacy and out of town. For more information about this resort see Doi Thin Nan Resort.

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