A cold spell over Thailand

Weather update Nan - North Thailand
A cold spell over Thailand. It is 6:30am and in house it is 16℃ and outside in the garden it is 12℃. Yes you might have heard the complaints of cold in Thailand already. But normally the temperatures would be at least 8℃ higher. And you should realise that 99% of the houses do not have anything of heating, most people do not have hot water for taking a shower and most people do not have good warm cloths. And it is not only the temperature but also the wind. So yes the experience for people living in Thailand is like its is freezing! And the forecast is that the last week of the year will be like this and also the first week of the next year. And here in Nan province that also means thick fog in the early mornings. Brrrrrrr ..... cold!

And normally the real "cold" weather would only be in North Thailand but it is cold all over Thailand. OK not as cold as in North Thailand but in Trat province there were night temperatures of 18℃ and in day time in the shadow it was also bloody cold with a lot of wind. And no warm cloths with us! So our holiday trip to the beach a few days ago was a bit different experience as plannend. But later more about that.

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