The Rice Field Project Part 10 : Building a wall

The Rice Field Project : Building a wall in Thailand

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 10, to read the other parts click Rice Field. We bought the first plot of land in September 2017. The extra plot of land was bought in November 2017.

As our land is partly along land that is used as small farm for 2 cows and a few chickens we want to have a wall along this part instead of a bamboo fence. It will be 21m long, about 1.70m high and will be plastered on only 1 side of the wall. The wall & poles will be re-inforced into the ground with cement and gravel. And the top of the wall will be re-inforced with steel. So what do you need for this and how much does it costs?
  1. 1 Cubic meter of sand                                      = 1.800 Thai baht
  2. 1 Cubic meter of gravel                                   =   700 Thai baht
  3. 400 Cement blocks a 7 Thai baht per piece     = 2.800 Thai baht
  4. 8 Cement poles a 150 Thai baht per piece       = 1.200 Thai baht
  5. 10 Bags of cement at 115 Thai baht per bag    = 1.150 Thai baht
  6. 80m of thick steel wire                                     = 1.175 Thai baht
  7. 500 Small red bricks 0.80 Thai baht per piece =    400 Thai baht
  8. Labour for building the wall at 600 Thai baht per meter = 12.600 Thai baht
But as I already thought there will have to be bought some extra things, like I think 10 bags of cement is not enough and the guy building thinks the 400 cement blocks are not enough. So as extras we have :
  1. 2 bags of cement at 130 Thai baht per bag          = 260 Thai baht
  2. 2 bags of cement at 120 Thai baht per bag          = 240 Thai baht
  3. 6 bags of cement at 120 Thai baht per bag          = 720 Thai baht
  4. 1 roll of iron wire                                                 =   45 Thai baht
  5. Some bags of special cement                               = 840 Thai baht
Total costs = 22.850 Thai baht or 1.088 Thai baht per meter wall. As our land has a border for 215m I  am happy we did choose not to build a real wall all along the border. It took 3 people about 4 days working to build our small Atlantic Wall. This was part 10 of our ongoing Rice Field Project, to read the other parts click on the tag Rice Field.

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