Visiting Doi Samer Dao at Sri Nan National Park in Nan

Sunset at Doi Samer Dao at Sri Nan National Park in Nan - Thailand

In December 2017 we made a day trip, or should I say night trip, to Doi Samer Dao at Sri Nan National Park. The National Park is just 16km from Na Noi or 66km from Nan townSri Nan National Park is famous for 2 things, Doi Samer Dao and Pha Chu (lovers rock). We did go to Doi Samer Dao what is in the cool season a famous place to visit to watch a sunset over Na Noi, watch the stars (dao) at night and in the very early morning see a stunning sunrise over a sea of clouds above the Nan River. For more information about National Parks in Nan, North Thailand have a look HERE.  For more information about the beautiful Nan province in North Thailand see Destination Travel Guide Nan - Thailand.

As Doi Samer Dao is a major attraction point (for Thai tourists) the National Park enforces a entrance fee of 20 Thai baht per person for Thai people and non-Thai are privileged to pay 5 times more (100 Thai baht). Not that the latter was enforced when I did visit Sri Nan National Park. And you pay 20 Thai baht for your motorbike or car. At Doi Samer Dao is a camping ground where the National Park offers ready build tents for you with very thin mattresses, pillows and blankets. The tent for 2 persons costs 335 Thai baht per night. You can also rent (25 Thai baht) a picknick matt to sit in front of your tent. And you can rent a solar-powerd light for at night. The camping ground offers 2 blocks of good and clean toilets and there is of course parking for your car / motorbike. Within walking distance from the camping ground is a small Thai restaurant where you can eat, but you can also order food from 4 other restaurants that are along the main road.

If you have your own tent you can take it with you and use it at the camping ground. If you do not have your own tent and the tents of the National Park are full then you can always rent a tent from one of the clever hard working Thai people near the restaurants before the National Park. They will bring it and set it up for you. One of the things I love here in Thailand.

So we arrived late in the afternoon and were lucky to get one of the last tents of the National Park. We had an early dinner at the nearby restaurant and did go sleep early. So we did wake-up early to go just like all other people to the top to watch sunrise. But as it was cloudy there was not a good sunrise to be seen and due to the wind there were not much clouds to make a sea of clouds. But never mind it was a wonderful experience, camping on top the mountain with many Thai people cooking their food. Next time another National Park in Nan - Thailand.

If you want to sleep in more comfort you could stay overnight in one of the resorts Na Noi and go in the early morning to Doi Samer Dao, it is only 16km and can be done in 20min. For accommodation in Na Noi have a look at Accommodation in Nan - Thailand. For more information about Na Noi have a look at Na Noi in Nan - Thailand.

Remark : You are not allowed anymore to drink alchohol in National Parks, this thanks to people who can not control themselves while drinking alchohol and start fighting or being an disturbance to other people (or animals).

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