Day 1 of 7 of a small tour in North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand

In January 2018 we started our trip in Nan,  a great starting point to travel in Northern Thailand, so we started our journey to Chiang Khong in the early morning. A beautiful trip of 264 km thru rough mountains, small villages and bypassing stunning views over the mountains of Phu Lankha. We took route 101 from Nan to Tha Wang Pha and Chiang Kham. High in the mountains along route 1148 we made a stop at Magic Mountain Coffee Shop for a good coffee and an even better view over the mountains and valley bordering Laos. After a coffee we continued to Chiang Kham where we did stop for lunch and a visit at the beautiful teak-wooden temple Wat Nantaram build in Burmese Shan  style. We then continued to Chiang Khong, along the Mekong River, from where you can cross the Mekong River to Laos. Chiang Khong is a nice small town on the doorstep to Laos, with small restaurants and nice hotels right along the Mekong River. And in the weekend there is local WalkingStreet Market. We are now at almost the most northern part of Thailand, the next day we would continue to the famous Golden Triangle and Mae Sai border town with Myanmar (Burma) what is really the most northern point of Thailand. For all trips reports of this tour see Small Tour North Thailand.

Traveling in North Thailand

Route from Nan to Chiang Khong in North Thailand

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