Day 2 of 7 of a small tour in North Thailand

Traveling in North Thailand

In January 2018 we started our small tour of North Thailand in Nan and travelled to Chiang Khong along the Mekong River. When arriving the day before we had a great view over the Mekong River and Laos at the other side. But as it is the cool season there is an lot of fog in the early morning, so our view was reduced to about 50m. After a simple but good breakfast we continued our journey along the Mekong River to the Chiang Saen, the Golden Triangle, Mae Sai, Chiang Rai and finally Mae Salong. A trip of in total 242 km in the most northern part of Thailand. For all trips reports of this tour see Small Tour North Thailand.

The Golden Triangle is where Thailand, Myanmar and Laos meet along the Mekong River, and area that was formerly famous for the opium trade. From here we continued to Mae Sai, the most northern point of Thailand and border town with Myanmar. The main street is a busy place with markets and shops where you can buy anything from cloths to food, from fake antic to fake electronics. As it was lunch time we had lunch at the Thailands most northern restaurant right along the border between Thailand and Myanmar.

From Mae Sai we took a bit of a detour to Chiang Rai to visit the White Temple, where it is always busy with tourists. Mainly Chinese tourists. The White Temple is a more a beautiful part of art as a temple and a major tourist attraction. After the White Temple we continued to the mountains to the formerly ex-KMT mountain village Mae Salong. Nowadays famous for its tea & coffee plantations. We arrived at our hotel just at sunset over the little village. The next day we would first explore the little village and then continue our journey to Chiang Mai, the so called Rose of the North.

View over the Mekong River - Thailand

Chinese boats at Chiang Saen in Thailand

View over the Mekong River at the Golden Triangle - Thailand

Monks shopping in Mae Sai - Thailand

White Temple in Chiang Rai - Thailand

Route from Chiang Khong to Mae Salong in Thailand

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