Travel Tips : Just say NO to any kind of entertainment with animals

Animals at tourist destinations
Traveling is not always only having fun and forgetting your ethnic standards. Unfortunately while traveling you will see people showing animals so you can make a photo with them or hold them. Or you will be offered to go to shows with tigers, elephants or crocodiles. All this animals are most times not taken care off very well and should be living in their natural habitat.

The slow loris is a famous cute little monkey that is being abused for financial gain, just like tigers, elephants or snakes. Behind the cute little face goes a ugly business of animal cruelty. Just as with any animal entertainment. So whenever you are offered anything that uses animals as entertainment just so NO! Have a look at the video of The Truth behind the cute slow loris and you will understand why.

But it is not only about the slow loris but also about snakes, dolphins,  crocodiles, elephants, dogs and tigers. Just say NO! As some tourist business learned that tourists do not want to be part of abusing animals anymore they invented sanctuaries .... like almost all previously Elephants Camps are now Elephant Sanctuaries. As of elephants read one of my older postings The 5 Myths about Elephants.

In my personal opinion the only way to see animals is to go (in small numbers) to their natural habitat  where you (if you are lucky) will see example elephants or monkeys. All other is i.m.o. animal entertainment.  Animal entertainment .... just say NO! And no this is not specifically about Thailand, but a worldwide ugly business that should be stopped.