The Rice Field Project Part 11 : Getting water

Making a water well in Thailand

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 11, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project. We bought the first plot of land in September 2017. The extra plot of land was bought in November 2017.

Thailand is (or was) considered to be a cheap land for living. And that is partly correct but you also get less. Like our land that is only 200m away from a village but did not had electricity or water. To get electricity did cost us 25.000 Thai baht. For what has been delivered it was cheap but in my home country it would have been provided by the government free of charge. OK we now electricity, but how about getting water? There are 2 options (the third options is to do both) :
  • Get connection to the public water system of the village. This will probably mean we will have to pay for the pipes to our land, about 500m. The connection to the public water sounds great but does it always work? And is the water always clean? Until now the village has voted against it because they are afraid if more people get water, they will have less water.
  • Make an water well yourself. Here again are 2 options : 
    • Deep Water Well, expensive at 140.000 to 180.000 Thai baht.
    • Shallow Water Well with cement rings, cheap at 15.000 Thai baht
    • Shallow Water Well with 2inch pipe, even cheaper at 3.500 Thai baht
What ever type of well you choose, you will need a pump to pump the water up to a filter system. Then you will need a tank and a second pump to get the water in your house.

Still think water is cheap?  I remember living in Khon Kaen city in a brand new housing estate with 70 houses. We had connection to public water but as there was not always water or good water pressure all houses had at least 1 700-liter water tank and a water pump. Some houses had 2 or 3 water tanks of each 700-liter.

Making a shallow water well

As the first option (Deep Water Well) is too expensive at about 150.000 Thai baht we are left with the 2 different ways of Shallow Water Well. The first option with cement rings had too much problems so we did choose the option with a 2-inch PVC pipe.

So yesterday we had an appointment the people making this type of water well. They showed up with a very old car and 3 people. I thought they would juts come for a look but no they came to make the water well. They make a little tower and just jam about 6 meter of steel pipe in the ground. No machines used, just human power. Then they pull the steel pipe out and replace it with a 2-inch PVC pipe with holes at the end. Then they put a pump on the the PVC pipe, prime the pump and start pumping .... yes we have water. It did not go so simple as the first try they could not get the PVC pipe in the ground so they make a second hole 20cm next to the old one. It took they about a half day of hard working and that all for 3.500 Thai baht + 500 Thai baht tip.

Next step is to make a well cover and getting electricity to the water well. But for the latter we need a water pump house and electricity at that correct location. So keep following the Rice Field Project to see more.

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