Travel Tips : How to book your hotel?

I did write about hotel bookings before but due to some people asking about it again,  here again some tips about how to book you hotel in advance. While traveling you need to sleep somewhere, most times in a accommodation like Hotel, Guesthouse, HomeStay, Resort or Hostel. Of course you can just not book in advance and have the freedom of going whenever to wherever. Just walkin and ask for a room. The place could be full or you could be charged a price that is higher as when you would have booked it in advance via internet. Or you could be wasting time of your holiday looking for a place to sleep.

So where & how do you book accommodation in advance via internet? Straight at the hotel website or via an Hotel Bookings website? There are many pro's and con's for each option. What I personally do is first look on AGODA because they have a nice map to find hotels. To be able to check the price be sure you enable the option TOTAL PRICE (= price incl. tax and service charge). Once I find a hotel I check the price on BOOKING and the hotel website. I simply book at the best & cheapest option. What the best & cheapest is will sometimes not only be the price, as example at AGODA you get points that you can use for next bookings. Or is the room incl. or excl. breakfast? And is it really the same room? Are there other extra's like free cancelation or free airport pickup?

For every hotel, for every booking the outcome can be different. And when I am traveling by myself while motorbike riding I most times prefer freedom and do not book at all. But then I arrive most times late in the afternoon and leave very early in the morning, so I not care so much about my room. As long as it is clean, has a bathroom and the bed is not too hard. When I am booking in advance I am a bit more difficult. Big room, good bathroom, no airco straight on my bed, new hotel, good location, non-smoking room. And if by car or motorbike I will need parking at the hotel.

This website is an affiliate member of both AGODA and BOOKING, what means that if you click at this website at a link of AGODA or BOOKING and you would really book an hotel and really stay at that hotel that I will earn a small commission (to support the effort & costs to make this website). This commission is paid by AGODA or BOOKING .... NOT by you. You will pay the same price as if you would have booked straight at AGODA or BOOKING. Just like the hotels are paying an commission to AGODA or BOOKING, the hotels pay the commission .... not you.

Many websites that are offering to search for the cheapest hotels are just like this website an affiliate member. Or they are part of one of the same company as are AGODA and BOOKING part of one and the same company. And of course that remark "only 1 room left" is of course most times just an encouragement to book asap. Also be aware that if an hotel is full at a hotel bookings website the hotel could actually still have rooms.

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