The Rice Field Project Part 12 : Covering and Getting electric to the water well

As part of Living in Thailand, the Rice Field Project follows our journey of buying land and preparing it for building our house. This is part 12, to read the other parts click Rice Field Project. We bought the first plot of land in September 2017. The extra plot of land was bought in November 2017.

So we have now a shallow water well, but to get the water out of it you will need a waterpump. And the waterpump needs electricity. Well we have electricity (see The Rice FieldProject Part 6) but at the other side of our land, 52m from the water well. And as I want no cables going over my land I want to put the electric cables in the ground. For that we bought :
  • Two times 53 meter single electric cable that is good enough to be used for a all house (as later this electric cable will be used for our to be build house). Bloody expensive at 58 Thai baht per meter.
  • 100m of black tube to insert the electric cable in (of course we will cut that off to 52m). Bought at Global House for 990 Thai baht.
  • Some small connection material.
But as the water well is only a 2 inch pipe into the ground it is recommended to seal the ground around the pipe. And as we want to put the waterpump next to the well we will need a kind of pump house next to the well. For this we bought :
  • 1 cement ring (50cm long and 120cm width)
  • 2 cement ring-covers (1 for on the ground and 1 for on top).
This is free delivered and put on its place by the small factory in the village. Here I made a mistake, as the ring-cover on the top is much to heavy to be removed by hand. So we will buy a new special made for us cover, made in 2 parts.

Now getting the electric cable to the water well. So first we had to dig a slot of 53m long along the fence. That was hard work as the new sand had become very hard. For 2 people this was a full day work.

The next step was to put the cable into the black tube (pipe). Also here I made a mistake as that of course does not work ... pushing 53m of 2 electric cables into a 1 inch tube / pipe. Google learned that there are some solutions for this problem but we did not have the tools for it. So we did cut the black tube in 3 parts. Then inserted the cable in the parts and connected the parts with a small piece of pipe. Then just put the all pipe into the ground, connect one side with the electric switch boxes and the other side with the waterpump.

Here another problem did occur. The 53m electric cable was actually 51.70m, so we are missing about 1 meter! That means that we will have to extend the cable, something I do not like! So I bought 2 meter extra electric cable and 2 special connection clips. Not happy with it but that will be sorted out once we are going to use this cable really for our house. So now we have electricity at the water well the next step is to install the waterpump. We will buy this waterpump at a local shop who will also install the waterpump, but that will be the next part. So keep following the Rice Field Project to see more.

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